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Meet Your Therapist

Marquita Thompson, LPC

My specialty which I feel has chosen me is Trauma. Trauma  is a diagnosis often associated with war veterans.  This is just a small portion of the population that it does impact. Statistics show that  70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives.  Oftentimes people are suffering something traumatic and don't even realize it,  because trauma within the Black and Brown community has been normalized and or minimized.  I’m sure you've heard at one time or another in your life the phrases  “just get over it” and or “you’ll be all right”.  This has been a well-known response we've heard from members of our families, at our jobs or it could've been something that we've told ourselves.  These responses have been provided to help get us through deaths, violence, abuse including- physical, medical, and sexual, societal microaggressions.  Trauma symptoms can look like: thoughts that continually pop up out of nowhere, nightmares, flashbacks,  avoiding a particular place, person, or thing,  blaming yourself or someone else, becoming pessimistic or waiting for the other shoe to drop, never getting your hopes up.  It can also include sleepless nights, not being able to focus, and or being on edge. 

Trauma doesn't always show up immediately; it can show up hours or days, months, years, later.  

I believe that our family and friends mean well when they make the sentiments mentioned above. However they are missing important ways to help  process, cope, and possibly heal from what occurred. Working with Marquita Thompson , LPC you will learn how to do and become equipped with all three.

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