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You've already taken the first step; now is the time to start the journey!!

Mrs. Thompson specializes in treating individuals with past or current trauma. We all have experienced something traumatic.  Often times we don't even realize we've gone through something traumatic.  Trauma within the Black and Brown communities have been often times normalized and or minimized. Trauma essentially is like holding your breath and not knowing it. We can release your trauma one breath at a time.

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“Therapy is the bridge that leads you from trauma to healing"

Mahogany Bridges

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Your journey will begin with one small step...

Experienced  Trauma Counselor

Oftentimes we are suffering from something traumatic and hadn't realized it. Because trauma within the Black & Brown communities has been normalized and or minimized. I’m sure you've heard at one time or another in your life the phrases “just get over it” and or “you’ll be alright”. This has been a well-known response we've heard from family members, at our jobs, or maybe even something that we've told ourselves. These responses have been provided to help get us through deaths, violence, abuse including- physical, medical, and sexual, societal microaggressions.

What if I said that “It's okay to not be okay within this moment” and that “You are a human being having an experience” and that's okay too. If you had a recent event that has stopped you in your tracks but you feel like you don't have time to cry, to sit down and just be. I want to ask you “What would happen if you just took a moment for yourself?”

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Want to hear more about how I can transform your life? Contact me today to schedule a session.


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